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NEW! Intolerance Records Music Player

I'm going to try to be a better blogger.

I know I don't post enough so in this post I'm going to address two new major enhancements/additions to the official Intolerance Records website.

Thing 1. Brand new animated Flash intro screen with audio.

It was a tough choice deciding which five second audio clip would represent each individual artist, but it had to be done.

For the first day after launch there were issues with the Flash Goto URL function which is supposed to forward the user to the main info page (sindex). The issues were with the script and certain versions of browsers not allowing forwarding to protect the user from potential security risks. These problems have been addressed and a workaround is in place by simply opening the window in a new tab when the direct forward isn't available.

Of course you can enjoy the animation in all its glory (as well as test its functionality for me) here:

Thing 2. The Intolerance Records Music Player.

Months ago at a meeting Intolerance Dave brought up that the site needed a music player. After all we are a record label! I agreed but programming my own custom music player seemed like much too daunting of a task to tackle. I needed a programming team, etc.

For months we settled on a popup to the lame myspace music player. It served its purpose. It could play some mp3's of the listeners choice, user can control volume, etc. Then came the ads. Oooo the dreaded ads. They would pop up and the music would stop until the user clicked them. Not good. Then they got a little worse. Myspace began inserting audio commercials in between the tracks. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! This is not good for business. Something had to be done.

Now I had a mission... Google don't fail me now. I set out to complete this task with a modicum of Flash knowledge and any tutorial I could find. ...Using information from four different sites and ignoring information from about forty different sites...

Long story short: Fast forward five hours... Problem solved. Utilizing Flash and a FLA file I had effectively customized my labels music player, loaded 22 tracks on it (in much higher quality than myspace music player) and launched it on the site. (I'm listening to it right now actually, CD quality!).

It wasn't easy and don't ask me how I did it because I'm not sure, I had change code, and many other things many times until it got to what it is now. In the future I would like to see the text of the track that is playing scroll so you could read all the information. I would also like to see the screen scroll with the song play without using the scrollbar. And the last thing is (I know it's a copy off of myspace!) I would like to see the graphic change to a photo of the CD cover for the track that is playing.

If anyone reading this is a Flash developer and can solve these three things feel free to message me! I will reward you handsomely. Ok, not really, but I am quite handsome and I would be grateful so take that for what it's worth.

Now! To experience the amazing all new INTOLERANCE RECORDS MUSIC PLAYER click here:
Intolerance Records Logo, Record Label, Akron, ^|SiCk0|^, Ohio redesign

The redesign is coming along nicely and we should be hopefully be ready for a grand opening relaunch festival by Friday.

Still getting the bugs out and putting the last minute finishing touches on...

I promise a lot of content! Free MP3's! Videos! Pictures and more!

Also information about Intolerance newest solo artist signup! That's right! We just signed someone and we're keeping it secret until the new site is up! Who could it be???? Just wait and see!

Intolerance Records Logo, Record Label, Akron, ^|SiCk0|^, Ohio

^|SiCk0|^ Prozente Shirts

The final touches on the designs for the shirts based on the video for the song Prozente by Intolerance Records artist ^|SiCk0|^ are coming along nicely.

We hope to have them finished in time for the second leg of ^|SiCk0|^'s U.S. Tour.